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Thanks to the ACoP7 Conference Chair, Daniele Ouelette,  and ACoP7 Scientific Programming Chair, Mirjam Trame for a great meeting in Bellevue!  With over 200 posters, 40 lectures/presentations, and a highly successful pre-conference, ACoP7 is the most successful ACoP to date.  Special thanks to all of the members of the ACoP7 planning team for developing and executing an amazing meeting program.

The ISoP Awards Committee would like to congratulate the 2016 ISoP award winners.

  • Innovation Award -Lena Friberg
  • Leadership Award -Sandy Allerheiligen
  • The ISoP Sheiner Lecturer Award - Alan Forrest
  • 2016 ISoP fellows:
    • Nick Holford
    • William Jusko
    • Mats Karlsson
    • Jill Fiedler-Kelly

The ISoP Executive Committee and the ACoP7 Planning Committee would like to thank all of the sponsors, exhibitors, speakers and attendees for making ACoP7 a success!