ACoP11 Pre - Conference  (9 November 2020)


The Rising Role of Modeling in Oncology - From Translation to Confirmation



  ACoP11 Pre-Conference: The Rising Role of Modeling in Oncology - From Translation to Confirmation (separate registration required) - Includes pre-conference poster session Co-Chairs: Heather Vezina (BMS), Peter Bonate (Astellas) and Mary Spilker (Pfizer)
  Pre-Conference Session 1: Current Modeling Practices in Oncology  
  Translation in Oncology: Current Practices and Impact of PKPD Modeling on Guiding Decisions an Iterative Learning in Early Trials Owen Jones (Astrazeneca)
  Tumor Dynamic Modeling and Overall Survival Predictions Rene Bruno (Roche)
  What can Pharmacometricians Learn from Mathematical Oncology? Kristin Swanson (Arizona State University)
  Pre-Conference Session 2: Emerging Modeling Approaches in Oncology  
  Model Based Meta-Analysis: Application to Drug Development Decisionmaking in Oncology Marion Bouillon-Pichault (Bristol Myers Squibb)
  Integration of Omics Data Sources to Inform Mechanistic Modeling of Immuno-Oncology Therapies Andrzej Kierzek (Certara)
  Approaches to Predict and Understand Drug Efficacy from Multi-omics Data: from Machine Learning to Logic Models Julio Saez-Rodriguez (Heidelberg Unversity)
  Pre-Conference Poster Session  
  Session 3: The FDA's MIDD Pilot Program and Oncology Case Studies  
  Role of Modeling in Oncology - MIDD Pilot Program Experience Rajanikanth Madabushi (FDA)
  The Use of Target Receptor Occupancy as an Exposure Endpoint to Guide Drug Development of Mosunetuzumab, a Bispecific for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Brendan Bender (Genentech)
  Case #2 Luzelena Caro and Mallika Lala (Merck)