ACoP Trainee Award

As an emerging quantitative science, pharmacometrics spans the spectrum from basic research into disease and mechanisms of drug action to the rational use of medicines in patient care. The ACoP Trainee Award has been established to recognize and promote excellence in graduate education and training in the area of quantitative modeling and simulation and to encourage participation of students and post-doctoral fellows in ACoP.

Award Criteria

The awardees will be chosen from the trainee abstracts submitted to the conference.  The award criteria will be based on the following:

  • Trainee abstracts are to feature substantive and major contribution by the students and post-doctoral fellows warranting primary poster authorship.
  • Originality in approaches towards quantitative, model-based integration of biomedical, statistical concepts and multisource data
  • Application of novel, innovative methodologies in pharmacometric data analysis

Eligibility and Nomination Process

All trainees (anyone meeting student ACoP registration criteria) who submit an abstract to ACoP, based at academic institutions or trainee programs without regard to country of origin are eligible for the award. Upon recommendation by peer reviewers, the Abstract Committee, consisting of pharmacometricians from academic institutions, regulatory agencies and the pharmaceutical industry will recommend abstracts for final approval by the Conference Chair. 

The selected finalists/awardees will present their research in a dedicated oral symposium session during the main conference.  Selection will be made on the basis of the above criteria.  All awardees will receive a commemorative plaque.

Application Procedure

The application site for ACoP Trainee Awards is now closed.