ISoP Fellowship


ISoP fellows are expected to have demonstrated evidence of significant and sustained contributions to the promotion and advancement of Pharmacometrics, according to the following criteria:

  • Contributing to the field of Pharmacometrics for at least ten (10) years after completion of training.
  • At least five (5) peer reviewed articles relevant to Pharmacometrics. Weight will be given to the prestige of the journal in the scientific community, order of authorship, and time span in which the articles were published.
  • National or international recognition in the field of Pharmacometrics.
  • At least three years of membership in ISoP, contributing active leadership to ISoP of at least one year (e.g. ISoP and/or ACoP committee members or chair, ACoP programming session chairs).
  • Before ISoP has been an organization for three years, ISoP Fellows will not have been Members for three years but must meet the remaining criteria.

Only a Fellow of the International Society of Pharmacometrics shall be privileged to use the letters "FISoP" after his/her name.

Application Procedure


Applications for ISoP Fellowship shall be submitted on the appropriate form and must include current curriculum vitae and two (2) letters of recommendation from ISoP Members in good standing. ISoP will solicit fellowship nominations starting in 2014.