Preliminary Program

Digital Health Technology, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Clinical Trials and Informative Therapeutic Decisions?

Co-chairs: Mirjam N. Trame (Novartis) and Puneet Gaitonde (Pfizer)
October 7th 2018

Digital Health, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is an area of rapid growth and recent wearable technological advances have given rise to the Digital Health revolution. The idea of improving healthcare management using innovative real-time data collection during and post clinical trials and employing high-performance predictive analytics has a huge potential in early and accurate diagnosis of diseases, accelerating innovative treatment modalities, reducing inefficiencies and improving access, and thereby leading to enhancement of patient’s quality of life.

Hence, this pre-conference aims to bring together a diverse group of high-impact experts from academia, research institutes, regulatory agencies, and Pharmaceutical and Technology industry to discuss opportunities and challenges in leveraging complementary skills across these groups in Digital Health Technologies, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Pharmacometrics to break down barriers to optimize patient care.  

Agenda for the pre-conference is as follows:
Preliminary agenda 
7:00 AM 8:00 AM Breakfast & Registration
7:30 AM 7:45 AM Welcome & Opening
7:45 AM 10:00 AM Session 1: Digital Health Technology: Their Future in Drug Development
7:45 AM 8:05 AM Speaker 1 – Rob Mather (Pfizer): How digital technologies are transforming the future of clinical trials
8:05 AM 8:25 AM Speaker 2 – Steve Arneric (C-Path): Alzheimer disease understanding, insightful drug development tool development, and delivery of innovative treatments require a standardized, actionable database
8:25 AM 8:45 AM Speaker 3 – Pravin Jadhav (Otsuka): Digital Integration of Psychiatry Clinical Trials
8:45 AM 9:05 AM Speaker 4 – Eli Goldberg (Novartis)
9:05 AM 9:30 AM Q&A for 1st morning session
9:30 AM 9:45 AM Coffee Break
9:45 AM 12:00 PM Session 2: Interactive Dashboards and Wearable Devices: Future Direction for Making Informed Diagnosis and Therapeutic Decisions?
9:45 AM 10:05 AM Speaker 1 – Diane Mould (Projections Research Inc): Is that a shark or a dolphin?  How individualized dosing may impact drug development programs
10:05 AM 10:25 AM Speaker 2 – Ron Keizer (Insight-Rx): Experiences from integrating model-informed precision dosing with electronic health records
10:25 AM 10:45 AM Speaker 3 – Yuri Maricich (Pear Therapeutics): Prescription Digital Therapeutics: a new treatment paradigm integrating exposure- response (PK-PD) into delivery of efficacy  
10:45 AM 11:05 AM Speaker 4 – Dina Katabi (MIT) : In-Home Continuous Patient Moonitoring
11:05 AM 11:25 AM Speaker 4 – Marissa Dockendorf (Merck): Smart Trials:  Modernizing Clinical Trials through Digital Health and At-Home Sampling Technologies
11:25 AM 12:00 PM Q&A for 2nd morning session
12:00 PM 1:30 PM Lunch and Poster Session
1:30 PM 2:15 PM Keynote Speaker: Randy Bartlett (Blue Sigma Analytics): Statistical Thinking Within Data Science, Big Data, AI, Machine Learning ... And All That Jazz'
2:15 PM 2:30 PM Coffee Break
2:30 PM 5:00 PM Session 3: ML & AI in Drug Development 
2:30 PM 2:50 PM Speaker 1: Lisa Hendricks (Novartis): Digital Transformation of Drug Development and Clinical Trials using ML&AI –  What New Challenges will Statisticians Face?
2:50 PM 3:10 PM Speaker 2 – Jeffrey Eastham-Anderson (Genentech): Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Digital Pathology Analysis
3:10 PM 3:30 PM Speaker 3 – Justin Baker (Harvard & McLean Hospital): Enabling Pragmatism: How ML and Naturalistic Sensing will Transform Clinical Trials, Drug Discovery, and Precision Human Neuroscience
3:30 PM 3:50 PM Speaker 4 – Robert Rogers (Intel): Predicting patient trajectory in real time 
3:50 PM 4:10 PM Speaker 5 – Leonard Sacks (FDA): Regulatory Take on the use of Digital Devices in Clinical Trials for Collecting Clinical Trial Information to influence Drug Development Decisions
4:10 PM 5:00 PM Panel Discussion (all speakers)