Information for Poster Presenters 

Check back for regular updates (Last updated - 1 September 2020)

 ACoP11 Abstracts are now available online

Timeline -  ACoP11 will now be held virtually from Nov 9 - 13. With the updated meeting dates, the deadline to submit your poster is October 9.

 Poster presentation format

Our  current plan is to have posters available for viewing on a web-based platform to the conference attendees during the conference period and some additional time after the conference. We are also planning to allow poster presenters to upload an optional audio  narration (3 to 5 minutes in length) of their poster. 

Poster preparation & submission

Posters should be prepared in landscape mode, 48 inch (4 ft) wide x 36 inch (3 ft) high. We  are not planning to provide poster templates. The details of the submission process are being finalized, and we expect the authors to submit their poster as a PDF file (tentative deadline is Oct 9th). In addition to the PDF we would request a JPG image at 1440 x 1080 pixels to allow best online viewing outcome.

Audio recording, preparation & submission

We will share the detailed guidance on the audio recording preparation & submission over the coming weeks. We understand you may have more questions, but hope these additional information will help you with the poster preparation process. In the meantime, please contact us at [email protected] if you have any specific  questions. We fully appreciate your understanding and flexibility.

PS. This content will be regularly updated. We request you to visit our site for most recent updates.



Kenta Yoshida, ACoP11 Abstracts Committee Chair 

Navin Goyal, ACoP11 Conference Chair